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Nagasaki     Mon, 7/21     

Woke up on the couch, Tsuyashi and Yas still on the floor. Steve put his little friend in a cab with 1000 yen. Toshimi arrived around noon and she and Yas made a picnic while I took a nap. Took a cab to the beach (about 20 min) and stayed there, swimming with Toshimi, until about 4:30. Yas, Toshimi, and Tsuyashi went to work around 6:00. Stayed home and watched movies, and read “Glitz”. Steve went to Joog Yooz around 9:00 and returned with Yas around 11:00 with some dinner for me. Nodded off early, around 1:00 am.

Nagasaki     Tue, 7/22     

Yas Favorit Shirt! You're Welcome! Hung around the house reading, etc. before going to Joog Yooz around 7:30. Wrote Postcards. Ate at Joog Yooz before taking Same-chan to the Liberty Bell Bar for an English lesson. Had beers and tequila shooters. Returned to Yas’ for a movie and screwdrivers.

Nagasaki     Wed, 7/23     

Went shopping with Yas. Went to an old antique store where I bought 7 scrolls for 9400 yen. Searched Chinatown for a dragon and a Buddha to no avail. Ate Gyoza and Yakitori for dinner.

Nagasaki     Thu, 7/24     

Toshimi Still Having Fun Steve’s birthday. Rained heavily in the morning. Had Bloody Mary’s and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Did some more shopping - finally found a dragon and some scroll stones. Went to Joog Yooz and then to Osento. Back to Joog Yooz to Party. Made many Daiquiris. Yas cooked braised shrimp with hot tomato sauce. Had a great party with some of the following attendees: Pam, Yuki, Toshimi, Kumi-chan, Same-chan, Gon-chan, and more. We all partied long and hard before going home to shoot fireworks with Yas and Toshimi.

Nagasaki     Fri, 7/25     

Nagasaki Recovered until 8:00 pm watching movies. Searched for an open Osento. Went back to Joog Yooz for another great dinner of Chinese Pork and Peppers, Beef and Lettuce Fried Rice, and Corn with Mushroom Soup. Got pictures back from developing and sorted them. Played backgammon with Mar-chan (very close games - 2-1). Went back to Yas’ house and watched "Black Sunday". Had a long talk with Yas and went to bed.

Nagasaki     Sat, 7/26     

More Friends Got up at 11:30 and went straight to the Sauna. Had a great Massage and some Gyoza. Met Toshimi for a typical Japanese Lunch in a 120 year old traditional restaurant. Shopped some more, buying incense burner, samurai Getting our Books Stamped cloth David’s T-shirt, necklace, and coasters. Took the trolley back to Joog Yooz for some beer, daiquiris, and curry. Yuki-chan gave us some beautiful mugs ("You’re Welcome" she says"). Went to Yoshibo’s Restaurant and met Gaijin women - Kim and Jane. Took them back to Joog Yooz and partied until 3:00 am.

Home     Sun, 7/27     

Crawled out of bed, packed, and made the 9:08 train to Hakata. Toshimi and Mar-chan met us at the station to see us off. Took a cab at 11:30 from Ekki (train Station) to Airport for a 2:40 departure. Stopped in Pussan on the way to Seoul. Layed over in Seoul for 2 ˝ hours before catching 7:20 pm flight non-stop to L.A.

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