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Yokohama     Mon, 7/14     

Back on the Train John had left, and Steve and I had a couple of days left on our Train Passes, so we decided to take a ride bake to Yokohama to visit another friend of his. Left Yas’ place early to catch a train to Hakata. Adam left us at Tosu. Caught Shin to Hiroshima. It was pouring rain when we got there. Took a tram to Peace Park (Atom Bomb Memorial) for a while. We were totally drenched by the time we got to the museum. Returned to the station barely in time to catch the Shin to Yokohama. Took a private line and subway to Masaki Guchi where Mike Wilson (another friend of Steve’s from his Navy days) picked us up. Went to his house and partied (arrived about 11:00) and watched The Holy Grail. The only Building Left Standing from the Bomb Soaked at the Memorial Pictures at the Peace Museum Model of Devastation at the Peace Museum

Yokohama     Tue, 7/15     

Mike, Chris, and Steve Got up and had breakfast with the Wilsons (wife Chris, Jessica-8 and Adrian-6). Went to Yakosuka where Mike dropped us off. Got more yen, ate Pizza, and played video games. Met up with Mike again and he got us on the Base. Saw Brett Hon and he prescribed me something for my recurring ear infection. Went back to Mike’s and watched more movies. Met Mike Reney and partied with him for a while. Had chicken tacos for dinner before crashing early.

Nagasaki     Wed, 7/16     

Speeding by on the Bullet Train Chris drove us to Masaki Guchi about 9:30. Took trains to Tokyo and caught the Shin at noon. This was the last day of our train passes. Got back to Yas’ about 9:30 for some good Indonesian food.

Nagasaki     Thu, 7/17     

Steve and Me Yas Toured Nagasaki with Yas. Scorcher of a day! First saw church and then went to the old Dutch Quarter to see Thomas Glover’s Mansion. Great view of the Harbor and Shipyards. Next saw Confucius Temple and China Museum. Went to Chinatown for a Which Way? Nagasaki Shrine huge Chinese Dinner. Did a little shopping and went back to Joog Yooz. Made more Daiquiris, Dragons, and drank Tsing-Tao’s. Taught Yuki-chan and Toshimi how to play Yahtzee. Had more of Yas’ great curry before going home to watch "The Hitcher". Crashed about 3:00 am.

Nagasaki     Fri, 7/18     

Tsuyashi Tsuyashi and Yuki-chan Quiet day. Watched movies and Sumo before getting to Joog Yooz about 6:30. Met Emiko and Same-chan for dinner. Played more Yahtzee with Toshimi before catching a cab home around 1:30 am.

Nagasaki     Sat, 7/19     

Yas Steve and Me Yas Place At Yas Place

Took a trolley with Yas to Peace Park (Atom Bomb Memorial). Toured there for a while before going back to Joog Yooz. I left alone early and came back to Yas’ to rest and watch movies. Steve and Yas got back around 11:00 and we partied for a while before crashing.

Nagasaki     Sun, 7/20     

Party at Joog Yooz Yas left early to prepare for the Party. Steve and I went shopping, and I bought a lamp and a kimono. Dropped stuff off at Joog Yooz and went to Yoshibo’s f or a beer. Bought some balloons and took a bath at the Osento. Got back to Joog Yooz about 7:30 for the party. Steve taught everyone how to play Yahtzee (of course). Played with Machiko, danced, and partied. Afterward a group of us went out to another bar for some more partying. Steve got a bit stupid with one of the girls from the party. Went back to Yas’ with a few girls and partied some more. I had to lay Yas out on the floor with Tsuyashi. Yas and I talked a lot and had a great time. Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz

Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz Party at Joog Yooz

Anyone for a Game of Beerhunter? Sure! Gettin Froggy! Gettin Froggy!

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