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Kim and Rick
Welcome to "Cruisin4Brews", a website promoting the Craft Brewing Industry. We (Rick, Kim, and Boyd) are traveling around the country in search of the best Brewpubs we can find. Come join us as I ride the "Rocket" with my Blonde and my Bird to try the best Beers on the Continent!

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Atlantic Brewing Company

Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, Maine began in 1991. The facility was built on the site of an old farm a few miles from downtown Bar Harbor. The environment is very visitor-friendly, and a popular spot for both visitors and locals. They are the top selling beer on the Acadian Island. Their malt and hops are imported from England and their water comes from their well in Town Hill. The top sellers are: Bar Harbor Real Ale, Bar Harbor Blueberry, and Cole Porter. We also especially enjoyed the Scottish Ale. They have an extensive gift shop full of goodies including Jam, Mustard, and Peppered Bacon. The on-site outdoor BBQ provides a great atmosphere for enjoying their excellent beer.

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