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Rick, Kim, and Boyd

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We would like to tell you a bit about who we are and where we come from.

Rick Fletcher

Rick Rick was born in the mid-west on March 2, 1959. He lived in Indiana and Ohio until he moved to Germany at the age of 6. He lived in Frankfurt, Munich, and London before settling in Hamburg for Junior High and High School. After graduating from the International School Hamburg, Rick Enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

After three years at Martin Marietta in Denver working on Spacecraft Software, Rick then moved to San Diego and General Dynamics for twelve years to help develop Cruise Missile and other Air Vehicle Planning Software. As the company transformed itself from GD Convair > GD Electronics > GDE Systems > Tracor > Marconi > BAE Systems, Rick held a variety of positions, including Program and site Manager in Colorado Springs for five years and Engineering Manager in Northern Virginia for another ten. Rick finally, after 26 years with the company, left to explore "other options" (retirement!).

Rick began riding motorcycles at the age of 24 and has logged well over a hundred thousand miles since then. He has explored much of the North American Continent on two wheels, including 49 States and 10 Provinces (only Alaska and the Yukon remain). Please visit for more info.

Rick also picked up another hobby that remains one of his passions today at age 24, brewing his own beer. He has developed a number of sophisticated home-brewing systems since then, including a ten-gallon, all-grain system in use in his RV today. See more at Rick is also a part-owner of the Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church, Va.

Rick has two beautiful Daughters, Michelle and Nicole. Michelle is planning to attend Texas State University this year while Nicole is finishing up High School. In December 2008, Rick met Kim, and in August 2010, after packing up and renting out their houses, Rick, Kim, and Boyd embarked on their adventure to explore the country in search of the best brewpub they could find.


Rick Boyd, a Blue-and-Gold Macaw, was hatched on September 21, 2003. He came to live with Rick and his family at the age of 5 months. He soon took to riding motorcycles with Rick and has been attending biker rallies ever since. He has also been know to sip on the occasional homebrew as well! Boyd loves to travel and is very friendly with everyone he meets, especially the pretty ladies (not sure where he got that trait!). He is happy to sit on the arm or shoulder of new people he meets, and draws a lot of attention wherever he goes.

Kim Morrow

Kim Kim was born April 18, 1962 in Trinidad, West Indies. She grew up in the Washington DC area, the middle child of 5 kids. This makes her perfect in her mind. She has a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management.

In 2003, after 23 years in the hair salon industry, Kim started her own business, Kimberly Morrow, LLC. In addition to hair shaping and sculpting using various cutting techniques, she chose to specialize in hair color technology early on in her career. As a result, Kimberly has extensive experience with the science of color and has become a certified Color Master.

Kim lived in Sterling Virginia with her wonderful son, Sean (now 21 years old), for 19 years. Sean is attending College and managing the rental of rooms in Kim's house.

In December 2008, Kim met the man who changed her life. Rick is making her dreams come true by taking her on an RV trip around the country. She is still cutting the hair of other fellow travelers, and making fine jewelry from Boyds discarded feathers. She is still exploring her options for a career when she grows up.

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