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August 10 - September 2, 1999.     5400 miles

In August 1999, I took a 4-week trip from Colorado Springs to Western Canada on my 1998 Triumph Tiger, a 900cc, 3-cylinder, Dual-Sport Motorcycle. I packed full camping gear and camped most of the time. I started in Sturgis (during Bike Week, of course), worked my way through Montana to Glacier National Park, up the Canadian Rockies in Alberta to Jasper, across British Columbia to a small town near the coast called Bella Coola. From there I took a ferry to the top of Vancouver Island, drove to Victoria, took another ferry to Port Angeles, and worked my way past Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helens to Portland. From there I followed the Lewis & Clark trail back to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Flaming Gorge, and returning to Colorado Springs. Select from the menu on the left for pictures and my daily log.

Route Map
Route Map


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