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East Coast Sturgis '06

August 10 - 13, 2006.    

The "East Coast Sturgis" Rally took place in Western Maryland in a tiny town called Little Orleans. This time I packed a tent on the Valkyrie and rode up to the rally, so Boyd was not with me. Even so, I did meet up with several poeple from Thunder in the Cascades who recognized me (because of Boyd, I presume).

Neighbors More Neighbors View toward the Event Area

The riding in the surrounding area was outstanding! The Poker Run on Friday was a lot of fun, especially since I won $50 for the low hand! The final stop was a bit odd - up a long dirt/gravel road to Four Quarters - "An Interfaith Sanctuary of Earth Religion". They had a Stonehenge-like gathering place and "no clothing policy". Also took a ride to Cumberland via some very scenic back roads, ending up at a very nice restaurant (yes, it used to be a brewery). Anyway, great riding and no traffic! Neighbors at Poker Run Stop 3 Poker Run Stop 4: Town Hill

Poker Run Stop 4: View from Town Hill

Stone Circle at Four Quarters Poker Run Stop 3

Listening to the Band! This rally was even more disorganized than the last one. The bands were OK, but not anything special. The site was a large field and surrounding woods in the middle of the mountains. The camper-trailers that came were packed in so tight they couldn't even open their awnings, making me glad I had left mine home this time.

I did meet a lot of nice people, however. Everyone was very friendly, and overall the Rally was a lot of fun!

Ladies comparing bead collections No comment necessary! No comment necessary! Good way to collect donations!

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