Harper's Ferry - Frederick

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March 2, 2001. 80 miles

For the first time in 20 years, I was not going to be on the ski slopes for my Birthday, since I had just moved to Virginia from Colorado two months earlier. Since I had not been on my motorcycle since moving, I decided it would be an acceptable alternative to take my first (if relatively short) ride through my new region of the country. Of course, a brewpub (or two) was also on the agenda.

Since moving to Virginia, I've been getting interested in the rich civil war history here, and thought that a good place to start would be where some think the war really started - Harper's Ferry (it didn't hurt that it was only 30 miles away). From there I proceeded to Frederick and the Brewer's Alley for some lunch before checking out the Flying Barrel supply store. I then proceeded to the Blue Ridge Brewery before heading for home.

The Town of Harper's Ferry Where the Shenandoah meets the Potomac Town Church The Armory where John Brown was captured Old Stone Steps leading up to the church

Route Maps
Route Map Detailed Map of Harpers Ferry Detailed Map of Frederick

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