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I began riding motorcycles in 1984 when I moved from Denver to San Diego. I started because I needed a way around the traffic and because the weather was always beautiful. I bought a new Kawasaki 750 for $2000 (a great learner bike which lasted me about 35,000 mi) and began to ride. When it died in June 1990, I traded it in for the Gold Wing. This was my main method of transportation for many years, until I moved to Colorado Springs in 1995.

In February 1997, I bought the Shadow, mainly because I had always wanted one, and cruised around on it for a few years until I sold it in July 2000. I bought the Tiger in November 1998 because I wanted a touring bike I could take on long stretches of dirt road (like western British Columbia). I had been drooling over the Valkyries since they came out in 1997, and in November 2000 during one of my regular periodic test drives, found one I could not pass up. It continues to serve as my primary touring bike.

The next addition to the stable was a brand new VTX 1800 Retro. There is just something about a big-bore V Twin, and when they added the retro model to the line, I just couldn't resist. I flew up to New York and picked one up at a great price and drove it back to Virginia.

Finally, after riding a Harley for 1000 miles in Hawaii, I decided to break down and add one to my collection. After all, I can't claim to be brand-neutral and ignore Harleys altogether. I must admit that the Road King is growing on me!
Here are the bikes in reverse order in which I acquired them:

Road King 2003 Harley Davidson Road King Classic
Purchased: Feb 2009 (9714 mi)
Currently at 11k mi

VTX 1800 2002 Honda VTX 1800 cc V Twin
Purchased: June 2002 (New)
Currently at 18k mi

Valkyrie 1997 Honda Valkyrie 1520 cc Flat 6
Purchased: Feb. 2000 (61k mi)
Currently at 115k mi.

Tiger 1998 Triumph Tiger 900 cc Triple Dual-Sport
Purchased: Nov. 1998 (2.1k mi)
Currently at 15k mi.

Shadow 1994 Honda Shadow 1100 cc V-Twin
Purchased: Feb. 1997 (11k mi)
Sold: July 2000 (18k mi)

Gold Wing 1985 Honda Gold Wing Limited Edition 1200 cc Flat 4
Purchased: June 1990 (35k mi)
Sold: Aug. 2002 (68k mi)

My 260 Z and Kawasaki 750 LTD 1983 Kawasaki 750 cc LTD Belt-Drive Twin
Purchased: 1984 (New)
Sold (Died): June 1990 (35k mi)
1974 Datsun 260Z
Purchased: 1981
Sold : June 1995

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Stable All3 3-389 VT398 VT399
Valkyrie2 valk_model_1(OOPS, that's not mine!)
T385 T387 T388
G395 G394 G397

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