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Corning, NY     Fri. 10/10      278 mi

On the Road at Last After a lot of packing and re-packing, Natalie and I finally departed at about 1:30pm from Herndon and headed up 15N (temp in the mid-70s). Stopped in Williamsport PA to visit former-Buddhist, Mike and Kira Hiller, owners of the Bavarian Barbarian. Liked all of their four beers, and bought the first of a series At Mac and Angel's House of growlers. Stopped somewhere along the way to warm up and grab a snack. The bathroom dryers are great for warming up a frozen turkey ass! Arrived at Don (aka Mac) and Peggy Ann's (aka Angel) near Corning NY (in the boonies) around 9:45pm. Had a bite to eat and Natalie got bitten by their cocatoo, Mally. Spent the night in their red camper (still suffering from frozen-turkey ass)! Beautiful weather.

Gasport, NY     Sat. 10/11      163 mi

Not a Lighthouse! Mike (boyfriend of Mac and Angel's daughter, Tara) fixed a great breakfast and then we rode into Corning NY with Don and Peggy Ann to sample the beers at Market Street Brewing Company and Restaurant. This was the first time that Natalie tried a berry brew. She thought it was pretty tasty! The sky was so blue that the logo on top of the Corning plant looked as if it were Two Hands, Please! Rick and Natalie floating in the sky (same color blue as the sky). Headed up towards Rochester with a pit stop to check out the windmills. Later in the afternoon met up with Tom and Helen, friends of Don and Peggy Ann, at Honeoye NY to sample the beers at Custom Brewcrafters I think I need another beer... Rick and Natalie (this turned out to be the most disappointing Brewery of the whole trip). The guy that started giving us the samples turned out to be sarcastic to the point of being obnoxious. He wouldn't even fill up the tiny tasting glasses! Purchased another growler and headed to Rochester NY. Meandered our way across the Erie Canal a few times. Arrived at Shorty's Pub for some popcorn and a beer. Headed to Dinosaurs, a popular establishment downtown, for another beer The Crew before the other couples pointed me in the direction of Beale Street Bar & Grille. They headed off, we had some dinner and listened to a good blues/rock band. The lead guitar player wore a leather fez that I found amusing! From there I tried to get a room but the only room to be had in Rochester only rented by the hour, and they wouldn't even allow overnight! I ended up driving along Lake Ontario (freezing my ass off) until I finally found a room in the middle of nowhere, the Hartland Hotel in Gasport NY.

Wait for me! I'm watching my Bike! Hurry up! Nice Hat!

Can you FILL UP my sample glass? Are we in Memphis? Are we in Memphis? Nice Hat!

Toronto, Ontario     Sun. 10/12      120 mi

Ready to Go! I've got an Itch Shriner Parade Left the hotel around 11am and almost immediately hooked up with a group of about 17 bikers - Masons and firefighters from Rochester. Rode with them into Niagara Falls. Walked down to view the falls. Didn't stay too long before crossing the border over the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. Grabbed a beer and pizza at an outside bar (Coco's ), then walked down to view the falls. Much prettier from the Canadian side. Stayed in Niagara a few hours before heading to St. Catharines to visit a couple of brewpubs ( Niagra's Best / Merchant Ale House ) that ended up being closed. So stopped at an Irish Pub for a bite before heading to Toronto. The young woman behind the bar showed off her amazing tattoo work. Stopped at Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington (and almost fell asleep at the bar). The ride over the bridge turned very cold and foggy. The cold zapped my energy so we skipped eating and headed to Danny's. Arrived around 9ish. Danny had a beer waiting in the hallway to mark the spot to his condo. We had a really nice evening! Natalie was so tired from the ride (and other substances) that I had to literally carry her to bed! From the American Side

Pulling into Niagra Falls American Side Don't Lean Back too Far! Looking at Canada

From the Canadian Side

The Falls from Town in Canada Yes, I really was there Maid of the Mist American Falls

Why is it called Rainbow Bridge again? Horshoe Falls Horshoe Falls I'm Golden!

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