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August 25 - September 21, 2002.     5800 miles

On the Viking Trail Having moved to Virginia in January 2001, I decided it was time to begin exploring the eastern portion of the continent (and sampling the breweries of the east as well), so I packed up my tent and sleeping bag, hopped on my 1997 Valkyrie 1500 flat 6 and began riding North.
I went up through New England and the Main coast, into New Brunswick, around Nova Scotia, across to Newfoundland, and didn't stop untill I had followed the Viking Trail across the Straights of Belle Isle into Labrador. I then made my way back through Newfoundland, around the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, across to Prince Edward Island, up the coast of New Brunswick, around the Gaspe Penninsula, and down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City and Montreal. Finally, I headed home through Vermont and the Berkshires. The trip covered 5800 miles and I visited 37 breweries and brewpubs along the way.

Route Map

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